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Freedom Mindset

Welcome to our monthly inspirational messages prayerfully prepared by our senior pastors at FCI branch churches. These Bible-based messages are aimed to free your mindset from anything that will prevent you from walking in Freedom.  

Theme for February 2022
Your Responsibility to the Word
by Rev Kelvin Barfour  Pastor FCI Luton

Scriptures: Isaiah 55:11 and John 6:63 NIV

The WORD of God is eternal. Every WORD that proceeds from the mouth of God does not return to HIM void until it accomplishes the assignment. God has no problem speaking to us in this generation. In fact, He’s still speaking in this dispensation than the Old Testament day’s due to the availability of the Holy Spirit to all flesh (Joel 2:28).

Jesus said in John 6:33, “the words I speak to you are Life and Spirit. The WORD has no problem to perform, the problem is with us the recipients. If we are not in tune with the Holy Spirit, it will be very difficult to see and experience the power in the WORD. Our responsibility is to trust and obey the Word that has proceeded out of His mouth. The WORD is coming from eternity into time, it may not make sense to us as humans, but we have no choice than to believe. The dry bones heard the WORD, dead Lazarus heard the same WORD and they both came back to life (JOHN 6:63).

We are the living generation of Naaman (2 KINGS 5) that is why it seems that the WORD has lost its power and efficacy. Be responsible for every WORD of God that comes to you by your obedience to the WORD and total confidence in its POWER. Every WORD of God is a potent LIFELINE

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