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Vision Statement

Women of a Different Spirit (WOADS) was founded in line with the mission of Freedom Centre International (FCI) which is; raising overcomers, setting the captives free. The ministry led by Pastor Dorothy Ofosuware centres on encouraging a Godly relationship between women, whether it is a mother to daughter, sister to sister, or friend to friend.  The ministry also emphasises on the critical role a woman plays in society while acknowledging and encouraging a wholesome interaction with the male counterparts in our lives.   The department is positioned to empower, touch, include, involve, and encircle every woman of FCI.

Our approach is a practical evaluation of obstacles that prevent women from walking in the freedom the Word of God promises. In line with the church’s mission, we strive to enhance and guide women into biblically healthy relationships in their families and churches by making continual deposits into their spiritual, emotional, and economic development as they seek their rightful place in the Kingdom of God.

Since WOADS' inception, Pastor Dorothy's vision for the ministry has been for the women of FCI to be united and seek the will of God in all they do.  It is her heart’s desire for the women to come together as a God-breathed organism of mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and life-time legacy mentors who together will set an atmosphere of relational well-being. Through this, the ministry believes that women will be able to experience their God-given Freedom in every area of their lives. Membership to this ministry is automatic for female members of Freedom Centre International.

In line with its vision WOADS have over the years sponsored and continue to support several children through Compassion UK.  They also support a number of Women’s ministries in various churches in India and Africa.  They run an annual mission trip to hospitals mainly in so called developing countries, where amongst other things they distribute items to women in the pre and post-natal maternity wards. 


WOADS' overall purpose is to develop women into becoming a disciplined disciple for Christ. We desire to move from just a Women’s Ministry to a Ministry “To” Women. This move will require a mindset and process change that begins from the very first day a woman joins Freedom Centre International.



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