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THE MYSTERY OF WEALTH -FCI - Dr Shadrach Ofosuware(1)


You can’t enter the kingdom, you are too rich, and Jesus Hates that…… really!!!

There are so many messages about how wealth makes you less Christ-like.

How do we reconcile the desire to pursue Christ and our need for financial overflow?

Join Dr Shadrach for three weeks of biblical exposition on The Mystery of Wealth Acquisition.

Through the Scripture, study questions and sermon summaries, you will learn:

•            Are all Christians meant to be rich?

•            Is poverty a curse or just a trap?

•            Jesus attitude towards riches

•            Should I feel guilty because I have so much wealth

•            May you have riches, wealth and honour.


Send your questions to Dr Shadrach via the FCI WhatsApp 07957 582 555.

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