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Tent Makers Club

We believe that God has a special plan for His people in these last days. The aim of the Tentmakers business club is to ensure excellence, wealth creation and meaningful lives for its members by encouraging the application of their God-given expertise to create eternal value.

FCI Tent makers ministry/club aims to empower its members to become successful godly professionals who are called of God to serve in the front line and behind the scene mission work. Members of this ministry get the opportunity to unearth, enhance and enrich all core gifts and talents for fulfilling the purpose of God for their lives. 

Tent makers Ministry is made up of Christians who are professionals from all backgrounds, business owners, entrepreneurs and people who have a business idea and want to venture into business. Membership is open to members of FCI and the general public who fall within the above-mentioned criteria.

This ministry is founded on the word of God and the understanding that God has made available wealth for all who obey His word and believe in Him.

Our key scriptural references are Deuteronomy 8:18, Exodus 35:35, Proverbs 10:22, Isaiah 48:17 and Proverbs 3:7

Our Purpose

  1. Raise prosperous business people in the Christian faith who have integrity and a strong commitment to support the work of the Lord.

  2. Empower members with teachings on kingdom principles for wealth creation, organise networking seminars and conferences to enable members connect and grow as well as hold special prayer and prophetic services for the members

  3. Ensure the richness and meaning in people’s lives by using their God-given expertise to create eternal value.

  4. Encourage the use of our professional talents for witnessing 

Our mandate will be accomplished through regular worship meetings, discipleship training, leadership conferences, and retreats

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