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Prison Ministry

Freedom Centre International Prisons Ministry is committed through the church’s mission to raise overcomers, setting the captives free, to equip inmates to unlock and live in their God given potential, set free from their past and knowing their true identity in Christ.



It is our vision to have our team granted access to prisons and immigration removal centres across the UK and beyond to  share the love of Christ through a practical and empowering range of activities and counselling, releasing people from the cycle of re-offence, and seeing ex-offenders positively re-integrated into society. The Ministry seeks to mentor and assist prisoners in the re-integration process.


  • To encourage and support Christian offenders in their faith in Jesus Christ. 

  • To see all inmates, regardless of faith empowered to change their lives with a new hope for the future.

  • To see all inmates, regardless of faith successfully and productively re-integrated into society.

  • To see family life restored.

  • To offer our services to all, regardless of ethnicity, race, colour or faith.



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