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Vision Statement

It is the vision of Freedom Centre International Men of Action (FCIMOA) to impact and empower the male believer to be a “disciplined disciple” of Jesus Christ where their lifestyle exemplifies Christ in all areas of thought, conversation and conduct. We desire that each member would grow in Christ, His grace and His word, resulting in moral fibre, conviction, wisdom and character that is necessary for living soberly, righteously and godly in this present world.

Our approach is a practical evaluation of obstacles that prevent men from walking in the freedom the Bible promises. In line with the church’s mission to raising overcomers, setting the captives free, we strive to enhance and guide men into Biblically healthy relationships in their families and churches by making continual deposits into their spiritual, emotional, and economic development as they seek their rightful place in the Kingdom of God.


FCIMOA overall purpose is to develop men into becoming a disciplined disciple for Christ. We desire to move from just a Men’s Ministry, to a Ministry “To” Men. This move will require a mindset and process change that begins from the very first day a man joins our church.

Our Activities

•    Seminars & Conference that are aimed to empower men

•    Men Prayer services

•    Fun day activities for the whole family

•    Maintenance of FCI Facilities

•    Health and Sporting activities

•    Mentoring



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