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Children's Ministries

FCI Sunday school Moto Is: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

We teach the children that they are over comers. This falls in line with FCI Mission which is “Raising over comers, Setting the captives free”.

We encourage the children that through Christ there is nothing that if they set their mind to do they cannot do.

We emphasise the Love of God to them. For God so loved us that he gave us his only Son, Jesus, based on John 3:16.Jesus loves us so much that he died on the cross for us.

We use language that is simple and easy for the children to understand.

We cater for children from age 12 months to 12 years. Our teachers have a heart for children and a passion to teach God’s word to children. We believe that every child matters and so in our Sunday school we do everything we can to ensure that every child has a chance to fulfil their potential.

Each child is treated as an individual; we aim to bring out the best in each child. We develop the children spiritually and socially. We encourage the children to develop social skills such as public speaking, sharing and caring for each other.

Prayer- we teach the children to understand that prayer is God’s telephone number! You are never too little to pray and in-fact God loves to hear children pray. Children in our Sunday school see prayer as a daily activity. They are taught to pray over their food; pray before they go to bed and pray to commit their day into God’s hands.

Praise and Worship- the children have their praise time and their worship time. The Sunday school teachers participate during the children’s praise and worship as we lead by example. Children sing both Sunday school songs and also songs sang in the main service. This is because we want the children to easily assimilate into the Adult service when they are thirteen and also so they can participate when we have family service

Teaching/ Bible Lesson- All our lessons are bible based. All children who can read and write are encouraged to bring their bible, notebooks, pens and pencils. During the lessons children have the opportunity to read verses from the passage being used in the lesson. This is to encourage them to know how to read the bible and to get used to finding texts in the bible. We make our lessons fun and reinforce our lessons with activities such as crosswords; colouring pages, word search or puzzles 

Action songs- Video and Dancing time: The young children watch a bible based video such as vegetales; Dough nut man and Miss Patty cake. We play Christian music for them to dance. We also occasionally have art and craft or creative activity

Offering- we teach the children that giving an offering is very important. We want the concept of giving to be entrenched in them and so we encourage them to give an offering every Sunday no matter how small.

Snack time- healthy eating; we promote healthy eating and do our bit to encourage 5 a day. So we give fruits to our children and fruit juices instead of fizzy drinks. We also give them healthy snacks.

Good Citizenship- we encourage the children to be good citizens and set a good example outside church for example in their schools and in their communities. We teach them that good social behaviour is very important. It is also important for them to enjoy their childhood and enjoy every stage of their growth.

Welfare- We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our Sunday school children. All our teachers ensure that children are well cared, are safe and secure. Our services are planned and organised around the needs of the children making best use of available resources.

At the end of the Sunday school years our primary goal with the help of God is for all our children to progress into youth and be actively involved in church all through their lives and we have prepared our Sunday school programme to equip the children to make an easy transition from Sunday school into Youth and the main service.

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